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Vector® Ball Vision Training

The Game Is Mental – Train Your Brain™

Company Vision

Expand the definition of athletic performance to include cognitive vision efficiency of seeing, recognizing, and exploiting visual information.


Eyes sends images to the brain.


Brain associates images with something it has seen before.


Brain directs movements based on visual information.

Our Story

Several years ago, I began looking for a better way to train ballplayers to keep their eye on the ball. I wanted to help my athletes achieve success and I believe the mind is the best way to attain it. Often, I witnessed athletes becoming frustrated, not over a lack of speed or strength, but due to a lack of ability to process and exploit visual information. As a former Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier, I understand the importance of mental focus and incorporating the mind into routine training drills. I set out to create a vision training device that would be simple to implement into a full spectrum of training drills. I came up with an idea for a ball that changes color instantly and randomly upon impact to create a live-action visual focal point. After a lot of hard work, we produced our patented vision training ball. Initially our vision training ball was used with baseball players but the Vector® Ball was always intended to develop athletes regardless of the sport or skill level. The Vector® Ball develops an athlete’s speed of reaction through vision-based speed-of-processing training. Regardless of athletic skill the process is the same. See (eyes relay an image to your brain), Recognize (brain associates image with something it knows), and Exploit (brain directs movements based on visual information). The better you are at seeing, recognizing, and exploiting information the better prepared you are for success. -John Lindsey, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Vector® Ball – See The Impact® On Your Game Today

The Better an Athlete Can See, Recognize, and Exploit Information the Better Their Game.


Photons Hit Your Eyes and an Image Is Relayed to Your Brain.


Brain Associates an Image with Something It Has Seen Before.


Brain Directs Movements That Take Advantage of the Visual Information.

"This tool is invaluable for reaction training. The previous version was in itself such a unique piece of equipment, but the improvements to the new version make it even better. Well worth every penny!"
Sandra T.
Amazon Reviewer

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