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Vector® Ball is the most dynamic and versatile Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) device available. It can be thrown, caught, bounced, etc. to support a full spectrum of live action CVT drills. It is used to improve the athletic performance for practically every athlete from every sport. Vector® Ball’s patented technology provides unpredictable visual information (random changes in color) to improve the speed of reaction of all athletes, youth to professional.

Cognitive Vision Training (CVT), sometimes referred to as Neuro-Visual Training, are drills that develop information processing ability (Speed of Reaction). CVT exercises the eyes and brain, improving the ability to rapidly transfer visual information into deliberate athletic action. Regular athletic training is predetermined, conducted in accordance with specific instructions, e.g. the athlete knows exactly what is required before the drill begins. CVT is when the athlete does not know what is required when the drill begins, and must accurately process information during the drill to be successful. This is done by introducing unpredictable visual information during the drill that provides instruction on what is required to complete the drill. For example, if the athlete sees “A” during the drill then they must do “X”, if the athlete sees “B” then they must do “Y”, etc.

Vector® Ball emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (Red, Green, or Blue) each time it is struck, bounced, caught, etc. This provides athletes with unpredictable information that enables, live action, Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) drills. For example: if the athlete sees the Vector® Ball turn Red, then they must catch it with their Right hand (execute a specific action associated with the observed color). The result is an improved ability to rapidly transfer visual information into deliberate athletic action (Speed of Reaction).

The batteries are not rechargeable however they are the highest quality available. Battery life is dependent on cycles and durations of use (workouts) however, the Vector® Ball is engineered to provide over six (6) months of live action Cognitive Vision Training (CVT).

Vector® Ball is a Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) device. It is used to improve athletic performance for practically every sport including Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Motor Sports, and more. It supports a full spectrum of CVT drills to improve the Speed of Reaction for all athletes.

Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) with the Vector® Ball is for all skill levels and all ages, youth to professional. It improves an athlete’s information processing ability (Speed of Reaction) and enhances their mental awareness during the full spectrum of game situations.

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